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Buttock augmentation

It is one of the surgeries whose demand is increasing the most in the world with variations in shape and volume depending on the continent.

European buttock Brazilian buttock African buttock

European buttock : with demand for little increase in volume and maintenance of the trough on the sides

Brazilian buttock : with higher projection demand backwards and waist digging

African buttock : with volume increase both back and sides and waist deepening

The waist/hip ratio illustrates what is the standard: 0.80 for European women, 0.70 for Brazilian women, 0.60 for African women.

For this purpose 3 techniques are used separately or together

The buttock prosthesis

This is the technique that increases the rear projection by placing an implant of variable size into the buttock crease. It does not fill the sides.
The prosthesis is inserted into or under the gluteus muscle to prevent it from being too visible.
The procedure is performed under general or epidural anesthesia and the hospitalization is 2 days.
It is necessary to sleep for 2 weeks on your stomach and not to sit on it during this period.

It provides the most important result for the posterior volume and is the only solution for thin patients or those who want a significant increase.

Lipofilling or fat grafting

It is fat usually taken from the abdomen and hips sometimes from the thighs with the help of a device that filters the fat lobules, which is then injected back into the buttocks.
This is a good technique for small to moderate increases on the back and sides. It can be combined with the prosthesis for a more significant increase.
It can only be practiced in patients with a good fat mass (for example for 1.60m60 who weigh between 65 and 80kg) and is done under general anesthesia. We take this opportunity to refine the waist by liposuction to improve the waist / hip ratio
It is necessary to count one night of hospitalization after the operation and the wearing of a girdle 3 weeks
Photo : prostheses + fat grafting

Hyaluronic acid injection

It is a temporary solution by injection of hyaluronic acid that allows without surgery to fill in a moderate way the hollows on the sides and a little the posterior volume.
The product used is safe and is gradually eliminated by the body within 2 years, which requires booster shots.
It is done under local anesthesia without hospitalization.


Depending on the type of increase desired, there are different possibilities that will be explained to you in consultation by the surgeon.