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esthétique afrique esthétique afrique esthétique afrique esthétique afrique

How to proceed?


After having carefully studied the information page on our website about the surgery or treatment that you are interested in, go to the contact box, then fill in the details and send the requested photos by email to:

Obesity surgery:
You can also contact the assistant in our Dakar office on: (+221) 33 889 94 43 / 77 449 64 74

Aesthetic surgery
You can also contact the assistant in our Dakar office on: (+221) 77 336 11 55

You will receive a proposal

The surgeon will study your case based on the photos and information supplied. You will then receive by email specialized advice and a personal and detailed proposal.


You should take time and reflect before making your final decision. During this time if you need to you can again contact the assistant or the surgeon by telephone or email.

Once your decision has been made you should inform us of:

  • The date or dates required for your intervention (minimum of 21 days in advance).
  • Any other requirements or specific needs.
Medical Information form and blood tests

You will receive a list of blood tests and/or radiology’s to be taken.

Reservation and confirmation

The definitive reservation for your intervention will only be confirmed when you have paid 50% of the proposal, at least 15 days before the intervention ; All modifications or cancellation must be made 2 weeks before you are due arrive at the clinic for your intervention.

esthétique afrique

You will receive at the time of your first consultation with the surgeon at his office

  • The date of entrance at the clinic,
  • The date of leaving the clinic,
  • The different post-operation consultation dates

Pre-operation consultation for surgery and anesthetist

During this consultation:

  • You will submit the original medical records requested from you.
  • The surgeon will examine you in order to establish his final diagnosis.
  • You can discuss possible alternatives before giving your agreement to the surgery and bring to our attention any modifications that you consider necessary.
  • Signing of the mutual agreement. You must also pay the balance of the medical fees at this point.
  • A consultation with the team Anesthetist is also obligatory at least 24 hours before the surgical intervention.

Entering the clinic

This will take place on the morning of the date decided with the surgeon. The surgeon and the anesthetist will examine your medical dossier in your presence and answer any questions you may have. Your surgeon will of course always be available to you in case you have need of further explanations.

He will visit you after the surgery as many times as is necessary.

Leaving the clinic

In the majority of cases you will just spend one night at the clinic.

A specialized Night Nurse will be on hand in case of need.

Period of convalescence

Every aesthetic surgery operation requires a period of convalescence and specific rest. As such and during this period of convalescence in Senegal, you will continue to be monitored. It is recommended that you stay in contact with your surgeon and his team by phone or by e-mail.

esthétique afrique