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Body jet by AquaShape

Comprehensive, natural body contouring

AquaShape® is an advanced body contouring procedure that uses water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) and fat grafting, also known as autologous fat transfer.

The AquaShape® procedure combines water-jet assisted liposuction, a very gentle form of lipoplasty, with a highly effective method of fat grafting that minimizes damage to fat tissues.

Through the targeted and gentle removal of unwanted autologous fat (for example, from the stomach or thighs) and its immediate reimplantation (for example, into the breast), the body can be comprehensively sculpted into the desired shape for aesthetic or reconstructive purposes.

Your advantages with AquaShape®:

- Natural appearance – No rippling of the skin from synthetic materials; no masking required
- Long-lasting results – Permanent filling substance, as opposed to substances like hyaluronic acid, which is absorbed by the body within approx. 6-12 months
- Gentle and safe method – Minimal pain and discomfort; quick recovery – Less bruising and swelling – Treatment possible under local anaesthetic/ no general anaesthesia required – Significantly lower exposure to medications – No risk of adverse reaction since no foreign or synthetic material is introduced

Water-jet Assisted Procedures Gentle and precise

With water-jet assisted procedures, the gentle and selective power of the water jet is used for dislodging fat cells while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissues. The pressure of the fine, fanshaped water jet is adjusted to the various connective-tissue structures so that the targeted fat cells can be detached from the tissue and immediately removed.

With water-jet assisted liposuction, the small quantities of anaesthetic solution also have little effect on the tissue. The procedure does minimal damage to the removed fat cells. Instead they remain largely intact, healthy, and viable (approx. 90%). The more gentle the liposuction method, the higher quality and more viable the harvested fat tissue will be, meaning a higher survival rate for the grafted fat cells (up to 87%).

Because only whole, healthy fat cells can survive. Damaged cells will be reabsorbed by the body.

Autologous Fat Natural and safe

Autologous fat can be used for body contouring. As a natural filling substance, it has many advantages over synthetically produced “fillers”:
- Natural filling material (body’s own fat tissue) • Minimal complications/no side effects • Long-lasting results • Natural appearance
There is no risk of allergic reactions. Furthermore, autologous fat is only subject to the body’s natural fluctuations (for example significant weight loss) and aging processes. Once the fat graft “takes”, i.e. establishes a blood supply, it will no longer be “automatically” reabsorbed and can therefore be seen as a permanent filler.